Creator Tip: What is an Affiliate Link?

Affiliate Content

Navigating the Affiliate networks can be daunting.  They all are laid out differently, have different features, user interfaces, brands, and more.  There’s only one thing, as a creator or Affiliate you need to get familiar with.

The Affiliate Link 

Affiliate links are incredibly important in tracking the progress your viewers or readers make if you are to earn commission through Affiliate marketing.  Sure there’s ton’s of banners and visuals you can use, but the main thing you’ll always use is a link.  Each brand has their own Affiliate link so make sure you use them properly.

Below is an Affiliate link for the brand, Greenlight (a debit card that parents can use to manage their kids’ expenses)

Notice that it’s has a unique look to the URL.  There’s the portion of the link and the “2re92Q” portion of the link.  These may be subtle but its unique to you, and the brand.  By the way, yes, if you copy or click on the link and end up signing up for Greenlight, I get a $50 commission.

Use the links wisely!

As a creator, it’s important to place the Affiliate links in places that make sense for you, as a business.

  • Use it over text 
  • Use it on your YouTube descriptions
  • Use it within a button on your blog/website
  • Use it within your Link Tree or “link in bio”

In the end, Affiliate links can be an extremely passive way to earn as a creator.  It’s easy to join an Affiliate program, but how you place the links is also important.

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