Brand Tip: How Loyalty and Cashback Sites Work

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When managing your partnerships with a loyalty/cashback website there are a few things you should know…

1:  What is a Cashback or Loyalty Website?

Cashback websites are businesses that will reward a customer for purchasing through their website.  For example:

Susan is shopping on your Cash Back website called:  Susan see’s that there’s an offer for Macy’s at 2% Cash Back.  When Susan has successfully signed up to, then clicks through to that Macy’s 2% Cash Back and ends up buying something:  She’ll Receive 2% of her Money Back from her Purchase!!

For you, the owner of the business, you’ll receive some money as well for getting Susan to buy something.  This is all transacted through the use of Affiliate Marketing and tracking links.

Cash back rewards or sometimes points are used as redemption options.  (,,, all use different redemption options but the use of Affiliate is still key)

2:  Why Many Choose to Start a Cash Back Website?

For many who want to get into the online business world, they try many things like MLMs (Essential Oils and other B.S.) meanwhile the stuff that works well and requires what appears to be more technical, when it’s not, is often overlooked.  There are only dozens or maybe hundreds of Cash Back websites, and we can tell you that the opportunity is real if you can attract loyal customers.  It’s almost like rewarding Free Money for those looking to shop!  So in essence:

  • Competition is low
  • Start-Up Costs are Minimal
  • Easy to Start
  • Real Opportunity with Excitement

While this sort of start isn’t free, the cost to get started is pretty minimal, plus once you get started the costs die down pretty quickly!

3:  Cost to Start a Cash Back Site

There are a few things you’ll need in order to get things rolling with your new Cashback Site.  For one, you’ll need Web Hosting.  Web Hosting and a Domain is where you’ll place all of the information needed to track transactions and partnerships.

4:  Tracking Cashback (and Commissions)

Now that you’ve got hosting you’ll now need to harness the ability to track and maintain cashback transactions.  This is the part where only a few people know about.  Not many options exist that help you start a website like this, while also eliminating most technical needs.

You’ll need to track when a user clicks on a merchant, then buys from the merchant.  When this occurs you, the cashback website, will be given a commission.


5:  Getting Retailers and Merchants onto the Site

Probably the most interesting part of your Cash Back business is getting and partnering up with new retailers.

FYI! Did you know that sites like Rakuten (Ebates), TopCashback, and RebatesMe would not be possible without Affiliate Marketing Programs?  Start getting partnerships right now through Pub Recruiter to start your own Cashback business!!
Retailers have to partner up with sites like TopCashback through Affiliate Networks.  So once you’ve set up your cashback site, you’ll need to apply to several Affiliate Networks.  Affiliate Networks host the tracking capability from merchants like Macy’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy, and thousands more!
You can also separate yourself from the competition by focusing Cash Back on a single category, like Travel.

Once you’ve been approved for a store, you’ll need to place the correct Tracking Link within Cash Back Engine.  To do this, head to the admin panel of your site, then Retailers, then Add Retailer.  You’ll need to enter information like Store Name, a Logo, and a few other details.

This is the guts of how things are tracked and paid out.   You need to use tracking links and subID tags.  

Once approved for a programs, a tracking Link will need to include SUB ID TAGS.  Stay with me here, as this is the only technical part of the process of having a Cashback Site.  Simply copy an approved tracking link, and place the tags (select from one below) and you’ll be able to track each customer, should they end up buying something from your cashback site!

Below is a guide of all of the Sub ID Tracking Tags You’ll need to Append to each Tracking Link!

List of Sub ID Tags




AWIN (Affiliate Window)



Commission Junction



eBay Partner Network (ePN)






TUNE Affiliate Software



Impact (formerly Impact Radius)






Rakuten Advertising






Ascend by Pepperjam






Post Affiliate Pro Software



Remember this about SUB ID Tags

Here’s the process if you placed the proper tracking link correctly:

  • User Logs into Your Site
  • Finds a good offer
  • Clicks on the offer
  • Customer/client buys said offer
  • Affiliate Network will be able to tell what user did this through SubIDs
  • Affiliate Network Report Shows Susan Purchased from Macy’s
  • The Cashback site calculates and gives money to Susan and also keep some for it’s business

If a user did not log in or go through the cash back sites procedure to track who the user is, and the offer is clicked:

  • A user is not logged in
  • Finds good offer
  • Clicks on offer
  • Customer Buys offer
  • Only IP and Blank SubId will show up not telling host database what user it is on reporting

So in essence, it’s important for a user of your cash back site to be logged in and ready for purchase as well.  There are other uses for SubIDs, many sub-affiliate networks and affiliate tools use these to differentiate clients and so on.

6:  Calculate Your Cash Back

In case you haven’t caught on.

  1. You’ll get a commission for each approved sale using your tracking link
  2. Take the money and give back a certain percentage (%) to your customer on your cashback site
  3. You keep the rest

This is how cashback and loyalty sites operate.  Some give more than others.  In order to compete, you’ll need a tool like:

Cash Back Monitor is a place to find the best rates for each of the stores you want to add to your Cash Back Website.  Using the site is pretty simple, especially if you have the Chrome browser.   Compare rates among all of the websites that use Affiliate Marketing Cash Back Tracking and compare it to yours.  If you are ready, you can also look to see if your site can be added to the array of websites that Cash Back Monitor uses!

7:  Popular Loyalty / Cash Back Sites!


Swagbucks (which also owns MyPoints and Shopathome) offers cash back for store shopping, in person shopping or dining, watching quick videos, and even taking surveys just to name a few.  All of which use Affiliate Marketing tracking links as we mentioned above!


The most famous of cashback sites, labeled rebate site, offers many stores at the highest commission rates online.  Given that they have exclusive partnerships with many of the merchants, Ebates keeps a steady clientele of both customers and stores.


You’ll be able to receive cash back in the form of a 529 funding account.  You can earn additional 529 investment opportunities through their Upromise Credit Card (Mastercard)


Although no real side sells here, this cash back site is straightforward with competitive rates amongst many of the merchants.  You’ll also be notified via their email newsletter of increased cash back days for the retailers you love.

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