Creator Tip: Affiliate Program or Affiliate Network?

Affiliate Content

As an Affiliate Manager, I’ve seen countless incorrect Google queries that do not provide the correct information when it comes to what an Affiliate Program is…and what an Affiliate Network is.

Affiliate Programs are BRAND hosted Affiliate Links and Commissioning opportunities.

For example: has an Affiliate Program

Affiliate Networks host MULTIPLE BRANDS and you apply to work with the brands within these networks.

For example: is an Affiliate Network that hosts, Walmart, Coinbase, and thousands more

Please do not confuse this simple, yet wildly incorrect marketing phrase as you may confuse yourself with a network and program and potentially lose out on new opportunities.  Many blogs I’ve seen produce the wrong information here.

All of the above in this particular blog post are Affiliate NETWORKS and not PROGRAMS.  This is simply done a lot because SEO sites know that people search for Programs more than Networks.  The one that loses the most recognition is the reader who really wants to start their business and do Affiliate.

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