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Ok, so now, as a creator (aka, a Publisher or Affiliate) can you now tell me the difference between CJ.com and Partnerize?

Chances are you can’t.  There’s a reason for this:

The Affiliate industry is ultra competitive within the B2B (business to business) landscape. And the publishers are the ones who are neglected in the competition

Agencies are fighting for clients against other agencies.  Networks are always changing fee structures to beat out other networks.  Brands have trouble picking the right network or agency to go to so they don’t have to do too much within the Affiliate world.

The unfortunate part, if it weren’t for the Affiliate themselves, there would be no Affiliate industry at all.  The Affiliate bring the sales, the conversions, the clicks and the content

Enter Pub Recruiter, a solution that helps both Brand AND Creators by having a unified starting point.